Ibanez AC240OPN Review

The Art wood series of Ibanez is a beautiful collection of guitars featuring the open pore finish that allow the guitar to 'breath'.  Many of the wood patterns are stunning especially for a guitar in this price range.   Ibanez Artwood AC240OPN (view on Amazon) is our favorite entry level guitar in this series.  The appointments are simple and the okoume top has a similar look to mahogany.   The  grand concert shape is a smaller body making it comfortable for most people to hold when playing.  If your new to guitar shopping and would like more information related to the different types of guitars available before deciding,  check out our types of guitars page.   Read on for Ibanez AC240OPN specifics.

Ibanez AC240OPN Features

Body Shape -  Grand Concert Body.  The body is smaller than a dreadnought guitar making it more comfortable to hold while playing.

Finish -  The finish is a natural finish it has as similar look to an all mahogany guitar except it is actually okoume wood.  Open Pore finish allows the wood to breath.

Guitar Top -  The top on this guitar is made out of solid okoume wood it looks like mahogany but is less dense and in my experience has a slightly brighter tone.

Back and Sides -  Select okoume laminate.  The grain patterns on the back and sides is quite beautiful.  

Nut and Saddle -   Compensated bone, a nice touch for a guitar in this price range.

Tuners - Chrome Die-cast Grover Tuners.

Neck - Made from Nyatoh a hardwood from regions like the Southeast Asia and the Philippines.  This would has soft feel to the touch and is a nice addition to the guitar.

Fingerboard and Bridge - Ovangkol 

Adjustable Truss Rod -  Allows you to adjust the neck bow to set the action of your guitars strings.



  • Reasonable cost
  • Warm tone and responsive to finger-style picking
  • Comes with a bone bridge and nut
  • Patented Ibanez end-pins making end-pin removal easier.
  • Can be argued tone is not as rich as the more expensive brands.
  • No Electronics
  • No Guitar Case

Should you buy the Ibanez AC240OPN?

If you are are looking for a simple guitar without frills, this guitar is an excellent choice.  I like the unconventional tone-wood choices and the abalone inlay around the sound hole paired with the white dot inlays on the fret-board are just the right amount decoration keeping with the simple design but still managing to look elegant.  

If your looking for a electric model you have a couple of choices: 

Ibanez AC240OPN Artwood Series Acoustic Guitar (Open Pore Natural)
  • Body Shape: Grand Concert BodyNeck: Mahogany Neck, dovetail neck jointBack/Sides: Mahogany Back and SidesTop: Solid Mahogony TopRosette: Abalone RosetteTuners: Chrome Grover TunersFretboard: Rosewood Bridge and FretboardSaddle: Bone Nut and SaddleBridgePins: Advantage Bridge PinsStrings: D'Addario EXP StringsCase sold separately
  • Technology moves forward at a frantic pace and the world of guitar craftsmanship is no different
  • In producing the AC240 Artwood Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar, Ibanez respected the rich tradition of the acoustic guitar while adding modern interpretations in their continuing search for the ultimate in guitar tone
  • This is a descendent of the old orchestral acoustic guitars, instruments designed to be audible over large instrumental ensembles in the days before amplification
  • The Grand Concert body is made with a wider, 44

Not sure if the AC240OPN is for you?  Check out our other Ibanez models and see how they compare.

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