Taylor Big Baby Review


Taylor’s big baby series is not actually a full-sized guitar but is worth considering as a starter guitar. It’s intended to be a larger travel guitar for use just about anywhere you would find yourself sitting idle and wanting to play guitar to pass the time. Taylor makes some of the finest guitars available and seems to be one of the more consistent brands available.

Baby Taylor Tone and Uses

As for the tone and sound of the guitar, its average at best so if you’re looking to use the guitar for recording, performances or a guitar with deep rich tones, the Taylor Big Baby may not be your best choice. However, it does have a bright tone and pretty good sustain. Also as with most Taylor guitars, it is quite articulate and well suited for fingerpicking. The back fo the guitar is slightly rounded which I feel helps the guitars projection. This baby Taylors smaller body size is perfect for road trips where you find yourself in a hotel room or for college students at the dorm and is so comfortable to play you will find it difficult to put down once you start playing.


The standard Taylor Big baby does not come with electronics. But you can custom order it from Taylor with electronics.

Summary of Main Features

On the surface reading the guitars specifications Taylors Big Baby looks like a normal entry level guitar and nothing really differentiates it from the other manufacturer’s guitars in this category. However, if you pick one up and play it, you will find the neck is very comfortable and the notes are quite articulate. It feels so comfortable it is almost like the neck on a full sized guitar. However, for those keeping score, it’s actually 1/16” narrower.

  • Back and sides are made of layered sapele
  • Guitar-top is made of solid Sitka spruce
  • Neck is sapele
  • Fingerboard and bridge are comprised of ebony

There are two elements that many are not familiar with that are used for the nut and saddle. Nubone is used for the nut and Micarta is used for the saddle. Both are synthetic materials and are a departure from the typical plastic, bone or TUSQ materials used by most manufacturers. There are many debates on what the best product to use for nuts and saddles, for an entry-level guitar use of these non-traditional materials shouldn’t be of concern.

Includes a gig Bag

This guitar also comes with Taylor’s padded guitar bag which is very sturdy. Compared to some guitar bags I’ve purchased this one is better than average.


Taylor’s Big Baby guitar does challenge the $500 price point, but if you shop around you should be able to get one pretty close to $500. The Big Baby guitar also comes in different wood configurations if you are looking for something that is just a little more exotic. It a very well made guitar and will last for years even after you graduated on to a full-size guitar.

If you are not in the market for a smaller body or travel guitar by Taylor you may be interested in our article on our 5 Best Taylor guitars.

Check on the current prices for this guitar:

Taylor BBT Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar
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Taylor BBT Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar
  • Body Body type: Dreadnought 15/16th-Scale Cutaway: No Top wood: Solid Sitka Spruce Back & sides: Layered Sapele Bracing pattern: Taylor Standard Big Baby X-Bracing Body finish: Matte 2.0 Orientation: Right-Handed Neck Neck shape: Taylor Standard Big Baby Profile Nut width: 1 11/16" (42.8mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Sapele Scale length: 25-1/2" Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Matte 2.0
  • The Baby Taylor's scaled-up sibling, the Big Baby (15/16th-size), makes a sleek yet full-sounding travel companion with its svelte four-inch body depth, which is about a half-inch shallower than the depth of a standard Dreadnought
  • Slightly bigger than a Baby Taylor and just shy of a full-size guitar, the Big Baby Taylor is ideal for easy-playing, great-sounding guitar fun
  • The overall size keeps you in the ""portable"" category, yet with an extra dose of volume and fullness
  • Like the Baby, the Big Baby has an arched back that provides strength and contributes to its big tonal output