Top Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

Acoustic guitar sound hole pickups are a simple way to amplify your acoustic guitar without altering your guitar or expensive installations. With just a few steps you can have your acoustic guitar ready to play through and amplifier with all of its tone captured and no major alterations to your instrument.These pickups will provide the … Read more

Types of Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Quick Navigation What is an Acoustic Guitar Pickup?What is a Piezo Pickup?Acoustic Guitar Microphones as PickupsMagnetic Pickups for Acoustic GuitarsContact Acoustic Guitar PickupsBlended Acoustic Guitar Pickup SystemsWhere can I find Acoustic Pickup? Sooner or later if you become serious about your guitar hobby or profession you are going to come across a situation where you … Read more

Guitar Capo Chart

Guitar Capo Chart

Sometimes its hard to get that great tone you get from an open chord when using barre chords. Even if you know all the barre chords and the variations, sometimes its just not practical to play the song in barred chords or perhaps the ‘feel’ you’re looking for comes from an open chord configuration. This … Read more