Top Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

Acoustic guitar soundhole pickups are a way to amplify your acoustic guitar without altering your guitar or expensive installations. With just a few steps you can have your acoustic guitar ready to play through and amplifier with all of its tone captured and no major alterations to your instrument.These pickups will provide the amplification you … Read more

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Review

View on Amazon Having a budget doesn’t mean you should have to do without the iconic looks and sound of the hummingbird dreadnought guitar.    Epiphone’s Hummingbird Pro (view on Amazon) is a perfect example of this.   The pearloid parallelogram pattern, faded cherry burst finish, iconic hummingbird pick guard, and the on-board pre-amp and … Read more

Guitar Capo Chart

Taylor 618e

Sometimes its hard to get that great tone you get from an open chord when using barre chords. Even if you know all the barre chords and the variations, sometimes its just not practical to play the song in barred chords or perhaps the ‘feel’ you’re looking for comes from an open chord configuration. This … Read more

Yamaha L-Series LL16 Review

View on AmazonYamaha’s LL6 (view on Amazon) is one of the Yamaha L Series guitars featuring all wood construction.   Combining the craftsmanship that Yamaha well know for the entry level guitars and premium woods this series is a very affordable group of guitars that produce great tone and are easy to play.  The LL-6 … Read more